About Us

Welcome to PB ‘n’ Jellies, where you can purchase the highest quality moon jellyfish. I have been caring for jellyfish as a professional aquarist for over 7 years now, perfecting jellyfish husbandry and producing the largest jellyfish ever raised in captivity. Now we are proud to offer you my own homegrown jellyfish. Because these jellies are grown in small batches they receive more attention and a lowered density grow means a higher quality jellyfish. We sell a tropical species of moon jellyfish (Aurelia sp.) from Hawaii. This species is a warm water species, preferring temperatures from 70F- 80F, perfect for the home aquarium. When you buy jellyfish at PB ‘n’ Jellies you can rest assured they are in prime condition, ready to grow for you. For any other inquiries or information please contact us.