Cubic Aquarium Systems Jellyfish Tank

PB'n'Jellies is currently distributing offline a limited supply of CUBIC Jellyfish Tanks to Customers within the US!
Imagine live jellyfish in your home, office or store front! This 21 gallon tank is the most elegant and highest quality way to showcase your love of the "modern day lava lamps" that are moon jellyfish! Jellyfish are among the strangest and most fascinating organisms in our ocean and with this aquarium it is now possible to keep these curious creatures in your home or workplace. Previously, if you wanted to real live jellyfish as pets you had to either pay substantial sums of money for a custom made aquarium, or risk buying one of the various entry level jellyfish aquariums on the market which are commonly lacking in essential features or true developmental research. This jellyfish aquarium has been several years in development and its design has drawn on the expertise from public aquariums.
Don't take our word for it, read the unboxing review from who were "impressed with how well designed and thought out the Jelly Aquarium was" from CUBIC with "great attention to detail"!
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More about the CUBIC:


As with all CUBIC products, this jellyfish aquarium is made using the best quality components and the highest quality cast acrylic available. The aquarium only utilizes one moving part, a high quality Italian made pump. This means the tank is almost silent when in operation. The tank components are cut to shape using extremely accurate CNC technology. Unlike most mass produced aquarium products our aquariums are assembled and polished by hand in small batches ensuring a finished product of the highest quality.


The filtration is designed to keep the aquarium water quality in the correct parameters for jellyfish while remaining simple and easy to maintain. Filtration is split into three categories, chemical, mechanical and biological. Water first passes through a dense fiber sponge which removes any large waste particles; this sponge is also covered in activated carbon which removes any discolourants or smell from the water. The water then passes through a pump and into a media tube which can be filled with a wide range of media (not included). CUBIC recommends the use of live media in this chamber because this cuts down the cycle time considerably and leads to a much more stable aquarium in the long run.


Included with the tank is a state of the art, remote control LED lighting system. The elegant, touch sensitive remote control allows the user to choose between 640 thousand colors and 20 automatic changing modes from up to 35m away. The modes range from flashing the LED’s on and off, switching through the colours to slowly scrolling through a range of colours. You can also adjust the brightness and speed of automatic mode using the remote control.


Maintenance of the tank is quite similar to that of most saltwater aquariums. Your jellyfish should be fed 1-two times a day using either live baby artemia or one of the dry jellyfish foods available on the market. Evaporated water should be replaced from a clean source (preferably RO or Distilled water). The tank should be scrubbed and siphoned when necessary and a 10% water change should be carried out once a week.


The folks at CUBIC have extensively developed and tested this aquarium with various jellyfish species including the 'moon jellyfish' (Aurelia Aurita), which are among the easiest to keep in captivity. These jellies do have a sting, but it is too weak to have an effect on humans, this along with their feeding habits makes them the perfect species for home aquariums.

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