Live Jellyfish for Sale

Looking to buy some jellyfish for your aquarium? Get live jellyfish sent safely and directly to your home or office. PB 'n' Jellies has the highest quality, home grown, jellies available because we have been mastering jellyfish husbandry for years and have raised the healthiest and largest Jellyfish in captivity!

We specialize in a warm water species of moon jellyfish (Aurelia sp. #4) preferring temperatures anywhere from 70F-80F. This makes them the perfect jelly for the home aquarium. Our jellies receive the highest level of attention from our professional aquarist and are raised in small batches. A lower density culture results in healthier and higher quality jellyfish. When you buy from PB 'n' Jellies you know what kind of moon jelly you are getting (there are many, from all over the world!), a carefully selected species well suited for your home or public jellyfish aquarium. You will also notice that we offer a wider range of sizes at better prices!

Buy jellyfish from our store above, or view all products by clicking the button below. Get your jellyfish aquarium started today!

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