Jellyfish Acclimation

Have your jellies just arrived? See below for instructions on how to acclimate your new jellyfish!

Jellyfish Acclimation Instructions

1. Float bag, or container in bag,  in tank for ~1o minutes to match bag temperature to the tank temperature (should be ~75 F).
2. Open bag and remove approximately half of the water using a cup or other small container. Do not try to pour water out, you will pour your jellies out!
3. Add tank water to the bag, equal to the amount you removed.
4. Wait 10 more minutes and then release the jelly into your tank. Overall you want at least 20 minutes of acclimation time for your new jellies.


Did you buy a jellyfish and have no tank to put it in? Oops!

Well, not to fear! You can grab a simple goldfish bowl from your local pet store and temporarily keep your jellyfish in that. Using a simple air pump you can gently bubble the water to keep your jelly moving. For more ideas on how to quickly setup your own DIY jellyfish tank visit our Facebook page at or!