Jellyfish Aquariums

Jellyfish can be a great be addition to your aquarium, but jellies do have some special aquarium needs. If you’re considering a jellyfish as a pet, this section will help you to better understand your options for different Jellyfish Aquariums to keep your jellyfish in…

Cubic Aquariums' Orbit 20


The Orbit 20 offers you several advantages over competing products; the tank is a true circle, designed after the traditional kreisel tank for jellyfish, it features an adjustable pump, plenty of filter media, a removable/swappable face plate (comes in different colors) so you can view your filtration and pump and finally a color changing LED light with remote control. While the Orbit 20 is only 6 gallons and very manageable, it is still enough water volume to keep parameters stable for your jellies - a key factor that keeps this tank ahead of its competitors in the desktop aquarium market.


Watch the MACNA 2013 video highlighting PB 'n' Jellies' jellyfish in the CUBIC tank :)

What should you be looking for in an jellyfish aquarium? Well, first thing to consider, how much room do you have in your home? The bigger the aquarium, the more stable the system will be. Where will it go in your home? Is it going to be a conversation piece in your living room? Or a garage hobby? Think about which one suits you then start looking at the life support features. Does the tank feature any biological or mechanical filtration? What accessories does it come with? How easy is it to clean? Wiping down your tank surfaces entirely a couple times a week would be a good maintenance routine, is one tank easier to access than another for you? How easy is it to perform a water change? It is going to be a good chunk of change to invest in a jellyfish tank so give it some thought. Maybe if you don’t have the cash right now, try building your own first?

If you already have a reef aquarium or fish aquarium, you can tie your jellyfish aquarium into your existing system! Maybe you have a refugium that could be modified to keep jellies in? All food for thought.

Be sure to also check out the blog to learn more about raising jellyfish!

Please keep in mind that the CUBIC tank is not manufactured by PBnJellies.