Pet Jellyfish

Thinking of getting a pet Jellyfish? You’ve come to the right place!  We’re passionate about our pet Jellies and have the healthiest home grown Jellyfish available. We raise two types of moon jellies that prefer warm waters making them the perfect pet Jelly for your aquarium!

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We have three different sizes to choose from as well as mixed bundles to assure you that you’ll get the perfect pet jellyfish.

If you’re considering getting your first pet Jellyfish, also check out our jellyfish aquarist page to help you care for your new jelly.

Growing a jellyfish in an aquarium requires some critical thinking before we can begin. Where do the jellies live in the ocean? What temperatures do they experience there? And why? Do they come from seasonal temperate waters? Or from tropical seas? Do they come from calm lagoon waters or windy open ocean currents? What kind of lighting are they exposed to? Figuring out where your jellyfish come from and what conditions they thrive in is your first homework assignment.

As with any pet, keeping jellyfish as pets at home has its challenges. Luckily we do not have to take our jellyfish for walks, worry about them having separation anxiety or destroying your home… nope, we need to be concerned about one thing mostly… water quality. Jellyfish are made up of at least 90% water, so chances are whatever is in your water is going to be in your jellies. Ammonia, salinity, contaminants etc.. you name it and it will end up affecting your jellies somehow. Your jellies are going to reflect how good, or bad, your water quality is in their physical condition. Think of this as a report card! Are the oral arms shriveled up? Tentacles look ‘burned’ back and not extending? Is there a hole in the bell? Is the rim of the bell eroding? These are all signs that things are askew and you need to bring in some good clean water. To learn more about how to keep your jellies growing visit the blog!

An important thing to remember about growing jellyfish is that few people get this right the first time they try. It will always be a learning experience, which is one of the reasons this hobby is so rewarding. Your daily observations will be quite valuable. We recommend starting with just a few jellyfish to start out, don’t try to buy 10 or 20 jellyfish at once on your first try, throw them in a tank and watch them wither away as they starve or succumb to poor water quality. Start slow! Jellyfish are slow moving, elegant, creatures that can bring some sophistication and tranquility to your home.