Cubic Pulse 80 GII Jellyfish Tank (tank only)

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  • 2 in stock
  • Limit 10 jellies per order

The sleek Pulse 80 combines style with functionality to give you a jellyfish aquarium like no other. Designed from the ground up for jellyfish, this tank makes a spectacular display  for jellyfish which are illuminated by its in built, colour changing LED system.

This tank is made of 100% high quality, scratch resistant, cast acrylic and is formed, assembled and polished by hand ensuring an unrivaled quality finish. Check out our video from MACNA 2013...

An independent review on the aquarium

An article showing some of the jellyfish species that have been kept in this aquarium

Model Pulse 80
Total volume 87 Litres (23 gallon)
Dimensions (W-D-H): 660 x 600 x 260mm (26 x 23 x 10 inches)
Maximum number of jellies up to 10 medium Jellies (10cm/4″)
Lighting Inbuilt colour changing LED with radio remote control (included)
Filtration Inbuilt mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
Construction 100% cast acrylic, 10mm thick external frame
Cabinet NA
External connections Yes
Power consumption Approximately 25 watts


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